Hunter's Hapkido

Mr Hunter’s martial arts career began in 1972 while stationed at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.  At that time, he started training in Shorin Ryu Karate under Robert Teller Sensei.

In 1976, he was transferred to Osan Air Base Korea where he began studying Shaolin  Kung Fu and  Do  Hap  Sul (a Hapkido variant).  After approximately one year he was transferred to Taegu City, Korea and began studying Oh Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do.  In 1979, the Central Oh Do Kwan and the  Kukkiwon  awarded  him his 1st degree black belt.

In 1980, he was transferred to George AFB in Southern California where he trained with various instructors in Tae Kwan Do and Tang Soo Do. In 1982 he was  transferred to  Misawa AB Japan, there he met GM Ronald Suggs and  was an assistant instructor  in  GM Suggs” Tae  Kwan Do  class  held  on  base. On weekends they trained in Hapkido and Judo.  At that time he also began studying Aikido in order to round out his fighting skills. Mr. Hunter was awarded his 1st Degree black belt in Aikido in 1985.  After returning to the United States, he started teaching Aikido at Dyess AFB under the supervision of Sensei Ed Francis.  Mr. Hunter received his 2nd degree black belt from Francis Sensei in 1992.

In 1995, Mr. Hunter joined a large martial arts organization and cross-trained in jujutsu and judo.   At  the time  he  left that organization, he had been  ranked  as  a  5th  Dan  in  Aikido, and a  4th Dan in Jujutsu.

Mr. Hunter also spent some time studying with W. Hock Hoccheim (Scientific Fighting Congress) and had the opportunity to study Hand to Hand combatives and Knife/Counter knife combatives with Hock.

In October, 2002, Mr. Hunter reconnected with GM Suggs and joined the American Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan Association.  Without a doubt the two people who have most influenced Mr. Hunter’s martial arts have been GM Suggs (Hapkido, Tae Kwan Do and Judo) and Ed Francis Sensei (Aikido).  Although Mr. Hunter has returned to teaching Korean Martial Arts and Judo, his years of training in Aikido significantly affect his interpretation of Hapkido techniques.

Mr Hunter currently holds the following ranks:

Hapkido 5th Dan- American Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan Association
Tae Kwan Do 2nd Dan- Kukkiwon
Judo 1st Dan- U. S. Judo Association
U.S. Judo Association Certified Coach
Aikido 5th Dan- Unaffiliated