Hunter's Hapkido

Hapkido is a Korean martial art. However, its lineage can be traced to the Japanese art of Aikijutsu, which is the same art that Morehei Ueshiba studied----after which he founded the art of Aikido. There are noticeable similarities in a number of the techniques in Aikido and Hapkido.

The father of  Hapkido was Grandmaster Choi Yong Sul. There are a number of different stories of how exactly the name "Hapkido" was given to the art, and who added what moves----however, most agree that in general, Grandmaster Choi initially started teaching the root  art around 1950.

During 1949, at 13 years of age, Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae began training under Supreme Grandmaster Choi Young Sul, in Taegu City, Korea. During the next ten years Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae studied Yu Kwon Sool, Tae Kyon, and experimented with his own techniques. In 1959, he synthesized this knowledge into one system resulting in a hybrid form of martial arts he coined, “Hap Ki Do.”  Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae was the first person to use the name "Hap Ki Do,” and is considered by many to be the founder of Hap Ki Do

In their prime, the founders of Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan- brothers Supreme Grandmaster Jin, Jong Moon and  Supreme Grandmaster Jin, Bok Moon completed their unique martial arts style  after training in the South of Korea at Pusan under Suh, In Hyuk (Kuk Sool Won) & Seo, In Sun (Ki Do). The art of Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan therefore many similarities to the Southern Style of Kuk Sool Won with  differences that come from the founders' martial experience derived from both  the native martial knowledge of their Northern region of S.Korea & their longstanding shared practices and affiliation with the nearby Korea Hapkido Federation in Seoul.

On March 11th 1960, the Hurk Choo Kwan Association was founded by Supreme Grandmaster Jin, Jong Moon and  his brother  Supreme Grandmaster Jin, Bok Moon.  In 1987, the Official Hurk Choo Kwan American Branch was established under the  auspices of the founders. It was called the “American Hap Ki Do Hurk Choo Kwan Association” and Grandmaster Ronald R. Suggs was appointed as the first President. In October 2002, Mister Hunter was promoted to 5th degree black belt by GM Suggs.

The art of American Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan provides an integrated system incorporating a large variety  of powerful techniques. American Hapkido Hurk Choo Kwan features  high level training and strict testing guidelines to ensure the highest quality of its Hurk Choo Stylists.


HAP KI DO: the Way to Harness Ki power
    HAP : Harness, Coordinate
    KI : Life-force, Inner Power
    DO : The Way, Method

HURK CHOO KWAN: the Black Eagle Style
    HURK or HEUK or HOOK: Black
    CHOO or JU : Eagle
    KWAN or GWAN : House of, Style